Cyprus Columbariums

Columbarios Evoquia

The main structure is made of 8mm thick weathering steel. The spaces created between the vertical frame and horizontal shelves create the columbarium, which have a guided drawer that opens from the front.

The covers are made of weathering steel and coated with thermoformed glass that gives the structure a beautiful, unique appearance. Each of the columbariums features a brass faceplate for names to be engraved on. This brass plate can also act as a support for floral decorations, and allows visitors to open the door.

The different sized Cyprus Columbariums, the fact they come as individual units and the small space they occupy means they can be used to make the most of every available space. They can be combined in different ways with the Stela Columbariums, which are also part of theEvoquia product range.

Columbarios Evoquia

Columbarios Evoquia

Technical characteristics:

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