Composgrave, S.L was founded with the aim of becoming a leading company in the field of funeral industry modernisation. The partners of Composgrave, both those already involved in the sector and those from other sectors, are people who stand out for their capacity for innovation.

Our challenge is to translate this capacity for innovation into the funeral industry. That is what we intend to do with the first range of products and services released under the Evoquia brand name.

The Evoquia product range shows our commitment to rethinking the artistic criteria of funerary products by creating innovative, original columbariums, the first of which are the Cyprus Columbarium and the Stela Columbarium.

The Cyprus structures reflect the shape of the cypress tree and come in a range of sizes, while the Stela structures have sweeping curved forms in a variety of different units. Both structures allow for multiple different combinations, and create an eye-catching impression when installed in the same space.

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